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What is Cyber Crime?

Cybercrime is a crime that uses a computer, a computer network or a network device, to abuse someone who is defenseless.

It is mostly perpetrated by individuals or organizations.

There are several crimes that are committed online, but we will mention a few:

  • Identity Theft.
  • Security breaches.
  • Activities such as revenge pornography.
  • Cyber ​​bullying.
  • Harassment.
  • The abuse.
  • Child sexual exploitation.

Complaints are constantly received from parents and guardians, where there is talk of minors, 10-year-old children who are caught for various abuses.

Cyber ​​crimes committed during the coronavirus pandemic have increased by up to 90%, mostly cases of child sexual exploitation at the international level.

While in the “Deep Web”, the deep Internet, in English, which is the largest segment of the entire Internet and in which anonymity predominates, images of child sexual abuse, grooming and the dissemination of photographs also increased intimate without authorization.

Given the advancement of networks and cybernetic spaces, we propose to parents and guardians some tips to manage the exposure of children in networks:

  • Continuous dialogue: explain to the children what kind of photos they can post on networks and that they should not be sent to strangers. Emphasize that the web is not private and what they see is seen by many more people. Chat (even for a moment) about the use of the web and what we can find there.
  • Respect the minimum age for use of social networks and when the established age is appropriate, take care to maximize the security of the information that is shared.
  • Rules for using mobile devices, making clear the websites that they should not enter and which they always access with care and supervision.

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