Meet Kiara, one of the girls we have helped

Kiara is from South Asia and has a dream: to become a teacher. She wants to dedicate her life to sharing her knowledge and love for life with other children. She also wants to have a home, to be able to shelter girls who suffer like she did and help them in the way she was helped.

Her name is Kiara. In the past, when she was still young, she was abused by her uncle. This led to her being separated from her caregivers and transferred to a group home.
Sadly, she went through several foster homes where they couldn’t care for her as she needed, and it wasn’t possible to return her to her family because they couldn’t take care of her. Additionally, she developed erratic behavior because she didn’t understand what had happened in her past. Unfortunately, this girl was harmed many times.
Eventually, she arrived at one of the group homes we currently support, where she has been welcomed and received with much affection. Kiara is very talented and loves speaking English. When we talk to her, she shows a strong desire to grow and aspires to be a teacher.

Fortunately, this group home has provided her with tools and guidance. The joy on her face when receiving a small gift is evident. Kiara not only wants to be a teacher but also to have her own home to welcome other girls and help them in the same way she was helped.

Kiara is an example of what we can achieve with your help. With your donation, you allow us to continue accompanying her and other children like her, who have dreams and goals that deserve to be achieved.

Will you help us? Every contribution counts. With your generosity, you can make a difference in the lives of these children. They will thank you from the bottom of their hearts.

Help us to continue transforming lives.


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