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Signs of a Human Traffic Victim

Have you ever thought about how to identify ourselves when we are dealing with a case of human trafficking?

We can mention certain signs to take into account:

  • Trafficking victims mostly have signs of physical abuse on their bodies. Some of them are visible and others can go unnoticed.
  • They do not have elements that identify them, such as: driver’s license, birth certificates and other important documents.
  • They may develop strong depression or submissive behavior.
  • Trafficking victims may not know the local language, at various times they are passed off as tourists, when in reality they are kidnapped and far from their native countries.
  • They do not have money or other personal belongings, such as: clothes, hygiene products and more.
  • Many of them seem terrified, even more so when someone approaches to consult their names or personal information.

It is sad that even in the 21st century we must witness these situations, and many times we have passed by people enslaved in some way and never notice it. That is why in each one of us there is the challenge of internalizing ourselves and learning to detect possible victims and turn to the corresponding authorities.

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