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Main countries that consume child pornography

At the end of 2021, the terrible and accused website called Pornhub, the most recognized in the sale of pornography, published its consumption statistics on its website as a victory.

Placing the United States as the country with the highest traffic index in the world. The published list of the countries with the highest traffic is a “Top 20” which represents 79% of the daily total and Latin America begins to appear on the list with greater strength in 2021, unlike in 2019.

But what Pornhub does NOT tell us is the amount of illegal content that exists on its website, maliciously distributing child pornographic content. During 2020, the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) investigated and confirmed 118 cases of child sexual abuse material on Pornhub, in just 2 years.

The IWF warns parents that online sexual predators are targeting and harassing younger children, with a sharp rise in content during 2021 showing the abuse of children aged 7-10.

Websites are selling more and more pornography, and due to the social changes that have occurred after the pandemic, world populations are consuming more and more what unscrupulous individuals generate.

What will we do to change this reality? How do we deal with child trafficking systems generated by websites?

First of all, we must say that reporting any child pornographic content that we find available is the main way to stop this problem. But achieving spaces where it is taught that the consumption of pornography drives the growth of Human Trafficking is just as necessary.

We need to create awareness about what pornography is doing to society, how it is encouraging the growth of human trafficking and the damage it is causing globally.

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